Self-portrait illustration.

Hi, my name is Déborah and I'm an interactive media designer.

My training allowed me to develop my skills in several artistic fields such as graphic design, motion design, 3D and frontend development. I’m also self-taught in illustration and concept art, and I work with digital media as well as traditional ones like watercolor. I enjoy working in teams and alone, and I love above all else coming up with great creative ideas!

What is IMD ?

An interactive media designer creates visual communication projects. From the outline of a brief to the final realization, through the analysis of the market and the strengths of the brand, an imd builds a concept to communicate a message. As digital media is very varied nowadays, the interactive media designer must be ambivalent in all areas to communicate an idea or a concept through different types of media.

What can I do ?

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Build interactive and original websites
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Create strong visuals
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Design appealing illustrations
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Develop creative ideas
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And much more !
Want to work with me ?

me !

Have a nice day !